Thames Migration selected from the many other listed migration agents!


Simon and Karolina Youlton heading to Western Australia Perth

Simon, Karolina and daughter Klaudia Youlton emigrate to Perth, Western Australia, January 2015

What a fantastic choice it was to select Thames Migration from so many other listed migration agents, it can be daunting when you are at the early stage of exploring visa options but meeting Hannibal Khoury and listening to the various pathways made the decision easier right from the start.

Our attempts to achieve a permanent residency visa were not without setbacks, the Australian Department changes the sponsored occupation list frequently and the states that sponsor continually amend their requirements, this makes the process extremely difficult and at these times you really are grateful for such valuable support throughout the process.

Hannibal Khoury and his team are Registered Migration Agents, registered with MARA and the Best Migration Agents in Australia and United Kingdom.

Now that we have been granted our visa’s we have 5 years to settle, let’s see how long we can resist the move from the UK to Australia!