Business Emigration to Australia

Many business and employment strategies find it essential to migrate to Australia and create branches there. The process can appear stressful and daunting. The Thames team take pride in their ability to manage the emigration process professionally for businesses and thoughtfully for each person migrating. We offer a direct link, with offices in Australia as well as the United Kingdom.

Individual Emigration to Australia

To make your Australian visa application process as stress-free as possible our experienced UK based team brings clarity and peace of mind to an often complex journey. Our personalised service means that one person will deal with you throughout the whole visa process. We hold bespoke emigration seminars and as MARA registered agents we are bound by a strict code of conduct for your protection (MARA Code of Conduct).

UK Visa and Immigration Services

Helping people move to the UK is our business. We understand, manage and support individuals, families and offer corporate immigration strategies. We advise our clients on all aspects of nationality and UK work permit law. We provide friendly, comprehensive, up-to-date UK immigration services for work permit applications that cater to our clients’ individual needs..

Australian Visa Evaluation

Are you looking to move to Australia? Do you qualify for an Australian Visa? If you need advice and help on the Australian Visa process, please complete our Visa Evaluation form and we will contact you shortly. Our migration experts in the UK have been helping people to realise their dream of a new life in Australia for over 30 years. To find out what options are available to you, please feel free to contact us for an informal chat.


  • "Deepika was very helpful in guiding me through the visa process. There were so many different forms and documents required and she helped answer the many questions I had. Thankfully my visa has been granted quicker than expected...."
    - Orla McKenna
    12th May 2022
  • "This review is long overdue because of unforeseen circumstances.😅 My application was a long process in the making. But, without Hannibal and Deepika's help, I wouldn't have my 491 Visa today. Their patience with my never ending questions was outstanding. Truly, Thames Migration is one of the best migration agency you can find in Australia!..."
    - Ressian Pearl Orola
    9th Feb 2022
  • "Absolutely outstanding service from Hannibal and Deepika. We had a long journey with the visa requirements changing but they persevered and we now have our permanent visas. Thank you so much for not giving up on us...."
    - Karen Swanwick
    20th Oct 2020
  • "Hannibal and especially Deepika were exceptional from a process we thought could take over 2 years I was surprised (and happy !) to receive my spousal visa within 8 weeks ! Their help and assistance made the process exceptionally smooth . Thank you both..."
    - Simon Hardy
    13th Dec 2021
  • "I contacted Thames Migration for an emergency travel exemption during the Australian lockdown when international borders were closed. Deepika made a very stressful situation very easy for me. I was granted exemption and able to travel within days. I would highly recommend Thames Migration...."
    - Laetitia Lewis
    15th Dec 2021