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Currencies Direct

When starting a new life in Australia, you’ll probably need to transfer a lump sum. You may also have an income from home (or bills to pay there) and this usually makes money transfers tricky. However, we’ve got a suite of products tailored for just that… whether it’s a large one-off transfer or a regular commitment.

By talking to our team of experts about what you’re transferring and when, you can be sure that we’re watching the markets for you. Most importantly, you can make sure the rates you trade currency at are the ones you want, and the ones that get you the best deal. Visit the Currencies Direct website.







Anglo Pacific is the UK’s largest international removals & shipping company and handles around 20,000 individual baggage shipments and overseas removals annually. We’ve been established for over 30 years and have an unrivaled reputation for friendly, professional and efficient relocation services.

We offer a range of specialist international shipping services – baggage shipping, personal effects shipping, car shipping, fine art shipping, furniture shipping and international household removals to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, USA, Asia and prominent locations around the world.  We also offer worldwide inbound services for customers relocating to the UK and continental Europe. Visit the Anglo Pacific website.





E2language provide flexible, fun and on-demand English Language learning courses online so people can achieve their goals at the level, pace and time that suits their busy lifestyle. Visit the E2Language website.







Before visiting Australia, it is important to understand how the Australian healthcare system works and what it means for you when applying for your visa. On selected visas, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) may require you to purchase and maintain adequate health insurance for the duration of your stay in Australia.

That’s where Bupa can help – we offer a range of overseas visitor covers that help you meet your visa requirements and give you greater control in choosing where you are treated and who treats you.

The healthcare system in Australia is made up of two components:

  1. Medicare
  2. Private health insurance

To learn more about Australia Health care visit the Bupa website.




Pension Exchange has grown to be a leader in providing financial advice in the UK, with its niche including providing UK advice to those who subsequently emigrate to live in in Australia at some stage in the future. Pension Exchange has been the gateway to an international service for many emigrants and expatriates, consulted to government departments, major banks and insurance companies and amongst as the financial specialists for emigrants to Australia .

Our services include the following:

– Pension and retirement planning advice

– Pension consulting

– Pension transfer advice

– Restructuring of UK pension schemes

– Investment advice

– Inheritance tax planning and advice

– Ongoing investment and fund based advice

– Pre emigration financial advice

Visit the Pension Exchange website.





Multiply Wealth Management offers all areas of financial planning, including self managed superannuation, investment planning and wealth protection advice.

As the founder of Multiply Wealth Management, Samuel Romeo has over 15 years’ experience in providing exceptional financial advice to his clients, putting their needs first at all times. He has extensive experience in Samuel is a CFP® accredited adviser, an internationally recognised certification and the highest a financial adviser can achieve. He also holds a Bachelor of Economics and a Diploma in Financial Planning.

He believes in the importance of building strong long-term relationships and working closely with his clients to help them achieve a more prosperous future.

Samuel’s primary objective is for his clients to achieve the financial freedom they desire.

To learn more about Multiply Wealth Management visit the Multiply Wealth Management website.




Moving your money around the world, shouldn’t cost the earth!

Using a bank to transfer money overseas may seem like your easiest option, but it can be an expensive one. Banks publish a daily exchange rate for currencies even though the market exchange rate moves by the second. Therefore, banks typically build in a higher margin on the daily exchange rate, which they pass on to you (on top of hefty transactions fees).

Registration is FREE and you can view live dealing rates immediately. Click here to get started.