Resident Return Visa (Subclass 155 and 157)

Has your permanent residency visa expired or is about to expire? The Resident Return (subclass 155 and 157) visa is a permanent visa for current or former Australian permanent residents. It allows you to travel overseas and return to Australia as a permanent resident.


To be eligible for a Resident Return Visa (RRV) you must meet one of the following:

  • Be an Australian permanent resident
  • A former Australian permanent resident whose last permanent visa was not cancelled
  • A former Australian Citizen who lost or renounced their citizenship

5 year RRV

This visa is granted to applicants who have spent 2 of their last 5 years in Australia immediately before lodging a visa application.

1 year RRV

 You can apply for this visa if your last departure from Australia was as a permanent resident or Australian citizen. You must provide evidence of your substantial business, cultural, employment or personal ties of benefit to Australia. If you have been absent for more than 5 continuous years since your last departure from Australia as an Australian permanent resident or Australian citizen, you must also provide evidence of compelling reasons for your absence over 5 years.

Types of substantial ties to Australia:

Business ties: If you are claiming business ties with Australia, you will need to provide proof of the ties and how they are of benefit to Australia. You will need to demonstrate that you have substantial ownership interests in the business. The business activity needs to be ongoing, regular activity that is commercial in nature.

Cultural ties: There are a range of intellectual, artistic, sporting or religious pursuits. If you are claiming cultural ties, you will need to provide proof your role is adding to Australia’s cultural life. This can include a range of cultural ties, including but not limited to membership of cultural associations.

Employment ties: To prove you have employment ties to Australia, you must demonstrate that you are currently employed, or have a formal letter of offer for employment in Australia, or are employed overseas by an Australian organisation, or are able to show that your employment by a non-Australian organisation has a demonstrable benefit to Australia.

Personal ties: Substantial personal ties may be of benefit to Australia if you family who live in Australia and a participating member of the Australian community and economy. Living in Australia for a substantial period of time or living overseas with an Australian citizen partner is can be considered.

Australia Resident Return visa

This visa will allow you to leave and enter Australia as often as you want, within the validity period of the visa, while maintaining your status as a permanent resident.  We can help you understand the options and offer assistance with the standard of proof required for a Resident Return visa successful outcome.

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