New Business in Australia (Subclass 482)

Australia offers new and exciting opportunities for new business. Thames Migration provide primarily business based Immigration for corporate clients such as IT companies, high-end hotels, technology, transportation, betting and gaming, and for individual clients working in those industries. Specifically, we help our corporate and individual clients secure employment related visas for work in Australia.


Thames Migration has seen business traffic between the UK and Australia increase considerably. British brands and start ups are expanding with Australia as a popular choice. Australia with it’s expanding markets, language, culture and similar business practice to the United Kingdom is highly conducive to working and setting up business. As both countries share the same language, there is often an underlying assumption that the UK and Australia make obvious partners. Australia’s economy has withstood many of global financial pressures, located in the Asia Pacific region, its geographic position is well suited to business with China, Japan, and the Asian markets.

We can manage the visa process to establish or expand operations from the UK, Europe or other country.



At Thames Migration, our approach is two fold, both equally important: the professional, efficient handling of immigration and visa matters, and the personal attention we give to each one of our clients.
The Subclass 482 immigration process is designed to achieve the right candidate for your business, inline with the international recruitment process. We understand the correct selection of international staff is vital to ensure success of your business. We have assisted a number of UK and overseas businesses expansion whilst managing the moving of professional staff to Australia.



Overseas business must apply for approval as a Business Sponsor if they wish to sponsor someone to establish the business in Australia or fulfill contractual obligations in Australia. The overseas business needs to evidence lawful and active operation in their country together with documents to demonstrate the reason they seek to sponsor employees on a Subclass 482 visa.

Once approved, the Standard Business Sponsorship is valid for a period of 5 years.

Our forward-thinking team, a mix of go-getters with a range specialised skills — gives Thames Migration a uniquely well-rounded advantage with our range of industry knowledge and Australian immigration experiences.

Very few immigration practices based in London devote their entire practice to only Australian immigration and visa work. Thames Migration is one of them, set apart by a high record of success and a direct link with offices in Australia.  Thames Migration is the only Australian led company with registered migration agents permanently based in London having over 20 years experience.

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