Pre-Filing Check

“I want to prepare & lodge my own application”

If you have prepared your own Expression of Interest (EOI) or would like us to prepare, lodge and manage your EOI up to the invitation of your Visa application and/ or Visa application, then you might want a professional to check it over to make sure you have not made a mistake.


Because a registered agent is completely up to date with all the regulations. There are many and they do change. In addition an agent will be totally familiar with the standards of proof required in your supporting documentation to establish your eligibility for the visa for which you are applying.

Thames Migration can check that your application has fully complied with the current regulations and that the supporting documents you will be submitting are adequate. If you make a mistake then your application may well be refused, in which case you will lose your fee and have to start all over again. Also, if they feel that you have not properly established some aspect of your application they may well ask for further documentation or do further checks, either way this will slow the progress of your application. So why not have the additional peace of mind of having a professional check it for you?

We will check your application and supporting documents and give you a report on any problems found and what you will need to do to put it right,  in addition, for an additional fee we will also lodge the application on your behalf to make sure that no mistakes are made there either.

Our pre-filing checks cover all types of applications, from trade or professional assessments to sponsorships and some visa applications to the Department of Home Affairs.

If you are interested why not contact us on 020 8996 0120 or send us an e-mail?