Complete Service

Put simply our Premier Service covers everything!You will have a single dedicated Registered Migration Agent who will be with you throughout the whole process. We will provide you with information on every aspect of your application and prepare and submit all the various applications you will need to get your visa. We will track your application and deal with the authorities on your behalf always keeping you up to date. You will also have unlimited access to your agent if you have any questions or concerns.It’s not just about complying with  the regulations (there’s lots of them and they do change!), it’s as much about presenting your case in the best possible way to ensure it progresses as quickly and smoothly as possible through the system. Not all cases are straightforward and the difficulties may not always be seen by someone who is not fully trained and up to date – this is why you have agents and why people use them. A good analogy would be representing yourself in a court of law – just because you can does not always mean  it’s the best choice and, just  as in a court of law,  mistakes can sometimes have serious and expensive consequences!

Our pre-filing checks cover all types of applications, from trade or professional assessments to sponsorships or applications to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Complete our online assessments and have us take a look at it for you, or just give us a call on 020 8996 0120 and we will be happy to discuss the matter further with you.