South Australia – (Subclass 190) Skilled Nominated success

Hannibal Khoury photographed with Naji and Erica Rizk who have settled in South Australia

Hannibal Khoury photographed with Naji and Erica Rizk who have settled in South Australia


We would like to congratulate Erica and Naji Rizk who have made the move from Lebanon with the help of Thames Migration. Our Manager Hannibal Khoury recent caught up with them in Adelaide, South Australia where they have decided to settle. We wish you all the best in your new home!

Thames Migration selected from the many other listed migration agents!


Simon and Karolina Youlton heading to Western Australia Perth

Simon, Karolina and daughter Klaudia Youlton emigrate to Perth, Western Australia, January 2015

What a fantastic choice it was to select Thames Migration from so many other listed migration agents, it can be daunting when you are at the early stage of exploring visa options but meeting Hannibal Khoury and listening to the various pathways made the decision easier right from the start.

Our attempts to achieve a permanent residency visa were not without setbacks, the Australian Department changes the sponsored occupation list frequently and the states that sponsor continually amend their requirements, this makes the process extremely difficult and at these times you really are grateful for such valuable support throughout the process.

Hannibal Khoury and his team are Registered Migration Agents, registered with MARA and the Best Migration Agents in Australia and United Kingdom.

Now that we have been granted our visa’s we have 5 years to settle, let’s see how long we can resist the move from the UK to Australia!

Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 Granted


I have to say what a pleasure it was using Thames Migration and Hannibal in particular. I approached Thames Migration via Mr. Hannibal for his services as a recognised migration agent to Australia. Mr Hannibal is thorough, professional and I always knew I could trust him and his team. He gave me personal attention and was always available for any clarifications. I would strongly recommend him and the Thames Migration team to anyone who might need Australia visa and immigration advice & assistance. Thames Migration has been truly exceptional and enabled me and my family to emigrate to Australia.


Simon & Victoria Wood – Skilled Visa

Simon and Victoria arrive in Queensland

Simon and Victoria arrive in Queensland

I have to say what a pleasure it was using Thames Migration and Hannibal in particular to help us achieve our desire of moving to Australia.

At the beginning of the process my wife and I spent a considerable amount of time phoning several agencies who generally where most unhelpful and would actually rarely provide much information without some sort of up front payment.

We were beginning to give up hope of finding an organisation who we felt could provide us quality service and assistance.

Paul & Sherileen Wintrip

The Wintrip family (as seen on Wanted Down Under) arrive in Perth, Western Australia

The Wintrip family (as seen on Wanted Down Under) arrive in Perth, Western Australia

We started our Australian visa pathway back in autumn 2009.  It was something that we had discussed in our earlier years of marriage, however had felt uneasy about the risks of uprooting our three children. We met Hannibal of Thames Migration at a convention in Coventry, having made some telephone enquiries with him prior.  We came away feeling optimistic and decided to proceed with the visa application process.

Christopher Adekunle & Samara Van der Heyden

Chris and Samantha start a new life in Melbourne, Victoria

Chris and Samantha start a new life in Melbourne, Victoria

My Fiancée and I decided to get married after 7 years of being together, with 4 of those years being done through a long distance relationship.

My fiancée sponsored me for a Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage visa in November 2010.

Adrian and Janelle Stevens and family

Dear Hannibal,

Janelle and I want to formally thank you for your successful efforts on our behalf in securing my class 155 Resident Return Visa.

It has given us a significant sense of security knowing that I, and we as a family, can return to Australia without further delays, conditions, and indeed cost. Your experience and faith in the merits of our family circumstances in successfully pursuing that class of visa rather than a longer and more costly route are gratefully appreciated.

“I needed to apply for a resident’s return visa as my permanent visa was about to expire and had been trying to find someone to do this for me. After being turned down by 5 UK agencies because I had not lived in Australia for 2 years I spoke to Hannibal and he said he might be able to help. He made it very clear that it was not certain that I would get the visa, but it would depend on the reasons I had spent so little time in Australia and the documents I could get to support my case. We went through everything in great detail and he then told me that I had a good chance.  I decided to go ahead and got the documents I would need to support my case. When this was done, everything was sent to the Australian Embassy in London and 5 days later the visa was granted. He could not have been more helpful and understanding and even met me on weekends, which was much more convenient for me.

He was the only agent I spoke to who thought i could get the visa and he was right. I really don’t know what I would have done if I had lost my right to live in Australia and will always be very grateful to him. He is now helping me get my mother an aged parent visa and I would recommend Thames and Hannibal to anyone.”

E. Jovanovitch

Australian Resident Return Visa and Parent Visa

“Totally exceeded my expectations, I will be recommending Thames Migration to all my future travelling friends. They were very friendly, speedy, efficient and far more cost effective than other agents.”

G. Lawrie,

Australian Work Visa

“Thames Migration easily exceeded our expectations; the whole application process was thoroughly explained and made very understandable for the both of us. Our agent was excellent, thorough and kept in constant contact with weekly updates. Our queries and requests were dealt with quickly. A very personal service!”

M & F Goddard,

Australian Spouse Visa