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Jane Hopkins – Teacher


Jane Hopkins and her daughter start thier new life in Australia.

Jane Hopkins and her daughter start thier new life in Australia.

‘After spending hours and days on the phone to a number of agencies who either wanted money up front before they would even answer any questions about the simplest of issues – Would not help in any way before money had changed hands! “Can’t answer that until we have received a cheque for a ridiculous amount

  • Un-negotiable on costs and rigid charges.
  • said things like “well I think I will be able to get you this visa as I know someone!”
  • Rude when I asked politely “What do you actually do to earn the fee if all the info is on line”

I came across Thames Migration – The team were really friendly as I explained that although I do not consider myself a stupid woman, I had tried to do it all on my own but was getting a bit confused by the order I had to do things.

After a long and friendly phone call, with lots of my queries answered I explained my budget and I was impressed that the quote for help and a checking and service was much less and almost half of the amount I had explained I could afford. All correspondence were fab with the office calls were returned quickly and I got the feeling that they as a team cared about the stresses and problems I was having, advice was good and I really think the way they handled my application assistance was first class from the very first telephone conversation. I never write things like this as I think people always think a family friend has written it but I promise you as a teacher a mum and a future Australian citizen that Hannibal and his team will not drink your blood dry for every penny! Looking foward to the free seminar about immigration that Hannibal has booked me on later this year.

Reasonable transparent costs for a fantastic professional and friendly service!

Even when I messed bits up on line I always got an easy solution within minutes on the phone.

 Jane Hopkins – Teacher
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